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Welcome to thewhitefathers.org.uk

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Many thanks for your contribution to our work in Africa. Your prayers and your donations help us in all aspects of our missionary work. The Fathers and Brothers on the missions are most grateful. We hold you in our daily Mass and prayers. You can now Donate on line.


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Who we are

"Be apostles, be nothing but apostles"
(Cardinal Charles Lavigerie)

The Missionaries of Africa (also known as “The White Fathers”), are an international Missionary Society of priests and brothers, founded in 1868, by Cardinal Charles Lavigerie, Archbishop of Algiers and Carthage in North Africa. The name “White Fathers” comes from their habit. This is based on the traditional North African dress of a white gown (gandoura) and a white hooded cloak (burnous). A rosary is worn around the neck.

Arrival in Great Britain.

The Missionaries of Africa arrived in Great Britain in 1912. Their first foundation was in the Diocese of Portsmouth at The Priory, Bishops Waltham, Hampshire. The already existing house was opened as a Junior Seminary. During the course of the following years, further houses were opened in both England and Scotland to cater for growing needs.

Our work in the UK

Individual members are involved in various Society activities. Care of sick and elderly missionaries is a major concern. At weekends, missionaries visit assigned parishes preaching about our work and collecting funds.

Others have a specific work such as editing our magazine Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers), and other Media work, or in necessary administration. Ministry in neighbouring parishes is undertaken whenever possible as a way of helping the local Church. Justice and Peace issues are also to the forefront in our work, as is the promotion of Vocations to the missionary life.

Fr Patrick Shanahan MAfr
New Video
Helping street children

street children

Patrick Shanahan, co-founder of StreetInvest, presents to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva on the 28th May 2014, as part of the Consortium for Street Children's panel requesting a General Comment to support the 2011 Resolution on Children in Street Situations.

Any decision that the Committee will reach in the next few weeks will have a huge impact on government policies and on-the-ground work all around the World. Their support can completely change the way local authorities (police and community chiefs) view and act towards street children, and provide a large increase of legitimacy to NGO practitioners and local organisations helping street children.

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St Anthony Burse

Many thanks for all your support.
Please support us!
Pray with us

Br Trevor in Tamale Ghana.

Trevor gives us news about his wheelchair project.
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The Scourge of Slavery

breaking the chains of slavery

The founder of the Society of Missionaries Of Africa, Cardinal Lavigerie's campaign against slavery in Africa. Fr. Aylward Shorter M.Afr. Gave us an excellent presentation.
Fr. Aylward's talk click for (printable PDF)



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St Anthony's Novena Prayer
125th Anniversary Prayer Campaign against slavery
St. Josephine Bakhita Novena
Vocations Prayer
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News and Newmissionaries of africa chapter loco

Opening of the
28th Chapter in Rome

2016 chapter icon white fathers

Speech of Richard Baawobr, outgoing Superior General, new Bishop of Wa, Ghana, at the opening of the Chapter.

Hello and welcome to this 28th General Chapter of our Missionary Society. Let us thank the Lord who has brought us here together for this important work of our missionary family. click here to see more

The new Magazine is out. Novena 2016

2016 St Anthony's burse
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  • Chibok Girls Kidnapped 2 years ago
  • Fr Paul Reilly
  • Readers’ Reminiscences
  • Mathew Wedamdaga Banseh, Deacon
  • Our students and their formation
  • A young African brother
  • Hope for 20000 African children
  • Fr. Dave Cullen, MAfr writes from Zambia.

Please Pray with us

Please remember in your prayers the elder brother of  Fr Ted Wildsmith, Michael, who died on the 27 April  in Bristol. Remember too his wife, Ninon, his two daughters, two sons and their families and Ted. Ted leaves today for Bristol to be with the family. We hold his friends and family in our prayers.

Enhanced United Nations engagement in Burundi

1 April 2016, the Security Council of the United Nations requested Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to explore with the Governmentof Burundi and regional actors options for a police deployment “to increase UN capacity to monitor the security situation, advance the rule of law and promote respect for human rights” in Burundi.
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Bring Back Our Girls.
two years on.

276 young girls were kidnapped from their boarding school in Chibok, North Eastern Nigeria on the night of 14-15 April 2014. Most were Christians. Boko Haram terrorists took them by force. 57 escaped but the rest have been taken away and probably married off. The girls were between 16 and 18 years old. Their captors have threatened to sell them as slaves. Some have been forced to convert to Islam. For 2 years now their parents and families have lived in fear for them, praying for their safe return and any news. Please remember these girls and their families in your prayers.

Year of mercy prayer

Pope Francis has published a prayer written especially for the Year of Mercy.

To download the prayer card, click here
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The new Africa Action Sheet is out Feb/March 2016

  • Stop the take-over of Africa’s food!
  • Tax havens.
  • SECAM Conference on Land Grabbing.
  • Climate change.
  • Could you connect the poor to the powerful?.

Many thanks to Fr Ted and the team at AEFJN for the new Africa Action Sheet. Feb/March 2016
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Please Pray with us

For Brother Eugene Leonard who died in Glasgow aged 89 on the 17/1/2016. We remember Eugene his friends and family in our prayers.

Anniversary of the death of our founder Charles Lavigerie

In his speech on the day of his enthronement as bishop of Algiers (1867), Lavigerie addressed these words to the Muslims of Algeria:
"I claim the privilege to love you as my children even if you will not recognize me as your father... "

The new Africa Action Sheet is out
Winter 2015

  • PARIS - a turning point in Climate Change?
  • Papal visit to Africa.
  • The Big Shift - Leave behind Fossil Fuels.
  • European policymakers contributing to Migration.
  • Stand up for Justice - Zambia's Copperbelt.
  • Peace Sunday 2016.

Many thanks to Fr Ted and the team at AEFJN for the new Africa Action Sheet. Winter 2015

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Dear Friends
Please pray for the repose of the soul of Br John Murphy Mafr. Br John's requiem Mass will be held at our community house in Rutherglen, Scotland. He will be buried in our Community Grave on Thursday 29th October. We continue to remember John and all his family in our prayers.

The new Magazine is out  missionaries of Africa, magazine, vocations, and enterprise so perilous, 
            magazine of the society of missionaries of Africa, the white fathers.

The August 2015 magazine is out Laudato Si The Greening of Africa.
Have a look at:-
August magazine PDF.

For past issues
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The White Sisters

Now have a web page incorporated into our site with a link to their news letter. The link is placed in the Home menu. Click for White Sisters

African art from Ghana that tells a story. Artist Yaw Mensah

A Kayayoo (pronounced ka-yah yoh) kaya means carry in the GA language of Accra Ghana and yoo is the word for woman or girl. They are a section of street people in Ghana and are young women and girls aged 12- 25. They are carriers in the markets.
Click to read a reflection on street children in Ghana's markets.

JPIC-ED Ghana-Nigeria province

      Ghana Nigeria News from justice and peace office of the White Fathers in Ghana-Nigeria province.
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